Teaching and Mentoring

ESPM 157: Data Science for Global Change Ecology

(Graduate Student Instructor) ESPM 157, is an upper division undergraduate course, covering reproducible data science methods in the context of global change ecology. Beyond assisting with the course, I worked on developing and teaching a new learning module on exploring open source geospatial methods through an environmental justice lens (you can check out the module and corresponding code template if interested!)

Fung Fellowship Conservation and Technology Mentor

The Fung Fellowship is an immersive undergraduate learning experience that inspires students to become innovators for social good. I’m a graduate student mentor for multiple undergraduate fellows working on applied problems with partner organizations at the intersection of conservation and technology.

Undergraduate Research Mentor

I’m always excited to work with students on developing projects at the intersection of data science and environmental policy. I’ve mentored a number of honors thesis and undergrad research ( URAP) students on projects ranging from fisheries management to climate policy. Check out our latest paper, led by undergraduate Sally Dowd, here!

Culturally Relevant Education

I’m part of the Environmental Data Science Inclusion Network, and have participated in multiple Culturally Relevant Education in Environmental Data Science workshops. I’m continually working to create more inclusive academic spaces for students.

Bay Area Scientists in Schools

Outside of the university, I’m an instructor for Bay Area Scientists in Schools program. I teach interactive modules on population dynamics and biodiversity metrics with elementary and middle school students across the East Bay (Oakland, Berkeley, El Cerrito, Richmond)!

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